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Healthy Mom is here to help you eat less refined sugars

My name is Paulene Mason,  healthy food lover, nutritionist, single mom of 2 beautifull children and owner of Healthy Mom at Home. I help thousands of clients to prepare quick, delicious and healthy food without refines sugars.  I am half Dutch and half English.

To me, food is love! I think it is a miracle that we have a body that works for us and that is why I tell everybody to  be grateful for that. Because of this miracle I choose to fuel my body with quality natural sugars and mostly organic and plant-based food. It gives me energy, enjoyment, exitement, makes me stay positieve, strong and healthy and sleep well.

That is why I am overjoyed to finally come virtually “at home” to my English clients with my latest  E-Book: 7 quick and sugarfree daily menu’s. 

Why this E-Book will be convient for you?

  • Quick and easy recipes
  • 7 daily menu's with 3 snacks a day
  • Really delicious
  • Easy to prepare a head of time
  • All groceries are available at the grocery store
  • Every daily menu has an individual grocery list
  • Everybody can make these recipes, you do not need to be a good cooker
  • 42 recipes in one book
  • Inspiration to eat healthier

I can not make it any easier then this! You only need to make a choice and do it! When listening to your body, 99% of the time it tells you to eat healthy. Ofcourse, every so often you can eat a good piece of sugary appelpie or fries with mayonaise. It all comes down to taking care of you, making the right choices and proportioning.

And if you do so, you will feel great and you will be the best example for everybody around you.

These easy, quick, sugarfree and healthy menu’s will definitely help you feel better, be more energetic, balancedbetter rested as well as liberated from abdominal distension and possibly other cronicle diseases.

What kind of recipes can be expected?

Oatmeal with variaty of fruits

Quinoa Salad

Banana bread


Bonus party recipes!

Inside the E-Book, you will find also two cake recipes which are  refined sugarfree, delicious and so easy to make when you have a party or at any given day if you feel like eating pie.

All the recipes are  DELICIOUS! 
Those cakes at the end though….amazing!

Valerie Kardaras

Employe at Philips and Single mother

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